About Us

We are a group consisting of (currently) four people. See the write pages for more information on us!

We are:

We stride through the horrible modern mess that we call music, a land where quality and substance has been removed from music. Sick of websites and magazines which shamelessly follow trends at the expense of individuality; increasingly lowering their target audiences to that of the lowest common denominator (Hi Kerrang!), we are pooling our collective GCSE English talents to write about bands the NME doesn’t. For the most part. We wade through it all, just so we can tell you what to buy and what not to buy. Pretty generous, eh.

We shall also be providing you with a number of other tasty aural morsels such as a monthly themed mixtape and the all important ‘AVOID!’ list.

The files linked here are for promotional purposes only. If you are the copyright owner and would like anything on our site removed please contact us at: interstellarsounds (at) googlemail (dot) com


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