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[Review] The Slip – Nine Inch Nails

December 4, 2008

The Slip

Only a couple of months after the debut of Ghosts I-IV, Nine Inch Nails released yet another album. On May the 5th, The Slip was made available for download which was absolutely free. It’s posted on their official website ( as being a generous gesture to their continuous supporting fans. It’s pretty clear that Trent is taking advantage of the freedom he has, now not being tied to a record label in the industry he pretty much despises. Both Ghosts I-IV and The Slip are self indulgent experiments, being completely different from anything else you’ve ever heard produced by Trent and co.

The intro was far from exciting and to be honest was quite simply dull, which then suddenly blasts into the first song “1,000,000”. The drumming couldn’t be more unimaginative throughout the entire album, which has to be my first major critical comment. Think back to their older material, specifically that of which Jerome Dillon performs in; with frenetic, pounding bass lines and intense speed, in other words an angry man on speed. There is absolutely no comparison what so ever. Not only that but as with the rest of the album they have succeeded in being as loud as possible, which doesn’t always make good music. The first track is only the beginning of the disappointment to come from this album.

The faster tracks on the album are so incredibly loud that it actually works well with Trent’s lyrical release. On the other hand it does sound a little too distorted. The layering of sounds and construction of the songs sound quite messy but still surprisingly accomplishes in being rhythmical. The mixture of banging guitar riffs and modified electronic noises created with the synthesizer somewhat inspires a tension in the listener. This is distinctive during the first half of the album, the track in particular “Letting You.”

The second half of the album is in a way beautifully depressing, especially in the track “Lights In The Sky” which is a mournful piano piece with Trent’s vocals. “Corona Radiata” would be better suited on the Ghosts I-IV album along with “The Four Of Us Are Dying.” The final track on the album may sound familiar to you as it is the one of the instrumentals from Ghosts (which can be found on the special edition dvd) with added vocals.

I personally am a big fan Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor. Nevertheless, I thought this album was an immense disappointment. To be honest I don’t prefer any track over others. It’s not an album to hate, but certainly nothing to enthuse over. Seeing as it was free though it’s not one you can really slate all that much. I wouldn’t recommend this album; luckily though you wouldn’t be wasting your money anyway.

As a conclusion I believe Nine Inch Nails are attempting to do something different, too different, and not succeeding very well. However, with individual downloads surpassing 1.4 million I guess the response was alright. The Slip was a sub-standard album which all the fans had high hopes for, can it be forgiven? The last decent thing produced was the Year Zero album. After 20 years have the band reached the final stand? Is there still hope? With recent rumours of the former Lostprophets drummer joining the band in 2009 confirmed who knows. But I won’t be getting my hopes up anymore, I’ll remember, love and enjoy the best of Nine Inch Nails.

[C] Nothing but disappointment throughout the album. A perilous experiment, one which shouldn’t have been risked nor rushed.

Written by Lauren Smith