Writer: Oliver Sayers

Oliver Sayers (SavageCore)

Oliver Sayers's Facebook ProfileHe loves to go out there and search for defining, ground breaking and progressive music. If it brings anything new to the genre or quirky, he will more than likely adore it.

Within the last year or so anything that comes under a generic ‘insert chord change here‘ label that he has created for himself just will not cut it, this obviously refers to bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. Really it is anything with a real generic sound, something you hear on Kerrang and you would not know who it is, or you may infact know them because they were in that advert. Whining ’emo screams’ coupled with unimaginative, simplistic intrustmental work. Which greatly saddens him. Think back to the 60s-70s with The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys and the whole host of other outstounding acts all being the popular music that was in fashion at the time.

The fact you have to ignore about 90% of today’s releases until you find a gem is terrible. His role will be to assist you in finding some great music, if he finds something incredible he will post about it, with a little review to go with. Saving you the hassle!

A top tip from him: sign up to last.fm if you have not done so already, start scrobbling and soon the home page or your own personal Recommedations Radio will be playing you some great tunes, hopefully.

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  1. Good work Ol. Keep it up.

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